X-Message-Number: 20021
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 16:47:25 -0700
From: Jerry Lemler <>
Subject: Alcor's Annual Board of Directors Meeting

      The Alcor Life Extension Foundation conducted its annual meeting of 
the Board of Directors on Sunday, September 8, at its central facility in 
Scottsdale, Arizona.  Seven of the eight Members of the Board attended the 
meeting in person, with some traveling to Arizona from as far away as 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Wilmington, Delaware.
      On Saturday night preceding the annual meeting, the Alcor Board, 
Advisors, staff, and their guests were treated to a gala reception at the 
Scottsdale Hyatt by our hosts Lisa Lock (Cryonics Magazine editor) and her 
husband, Delaware attorney and Alcor Board Member, Dr. Michael 
Seidl.  Thank you so much, Lisa and Michael, for a fabulous evening of 
food, drink, and lively conversation!
      All eight Board Members (Dr. Kat Cotter, Hugh Hixon, Saul Kent, Dr. 
Ralph Merkle, Carlos Mondragon, Dr. Michael Riskin, Dr. Michael Seidl, 
Steve Van Sickle), were re-elected by acclamation for another one year 
term, while Dr. Michael Riskin was re-elected as Chairman of the 
Board.  Likewise, Alcor's four officers, (Dr. Jerry Lemler, President/CEO, 
Dr. Michael Riskin, Vice President, Joseph Hovey, Treasurer, and Jessica 
Sikes, Secretary), were re-elected to their respective offices.
      Additionally, the Alcor Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring 
of a well-known and respected cryonicist and Alcor member, Charles Platt, 
to become the new Director of Suspension Services.  Charles will shortly be 
relocating to Scottsdale from his home in northern Arizona to take up his 
new position within the next couple of weeks.

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