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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 05:46:35 EDT
Subject: liability for the actions of "your" government

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>Exactly what about the actions of thugs, looters and other such two-legged 
vermin makes everyone in a certain geographic proximity collectively 
"responsible" for their actions? 

  Hear, hear. I don't think many Americans want to be held personally 
responsible for Clinton's Monica-related attack on the Sudanese 
pharmaceutical factory, the trillion-plus dollars the US has spent supporting 
dictators around the world since 1945, or the US murder of two and a half 
million Russians at the end of World War II in Operation Keelhaul.
  On the other hand, if you pay taxes to finance atrocities, I guess you have 
to expect to be considered an enemy by the people you're murdering. Even 
though you're under duress.


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