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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 16:17:31 EDT
Subject: Congratulations to Charles Platt and ALCOR

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> I would like to elaborate on Dr. Jerry Lemler's brief announcement of my
> new association with Alcor. etc....

I would like to congratulate ALCOR and Charles Platt on what may be a 
wonderful match.  And express my enthusiasm over the progress being made in 
cryonics that has occurred in the last 6 months.

No one who has followed this board, or been at all active in cryonics, can 
say that ALCOR, Platt, CI, or this board have been without controversy.

The above paragraph was a credible, academic, high fallutin way of saying 
that everyone has had their shot of the " cryonics asshole of the month" 
awards, back in the "deep time" past of 5 years ago...it seems to be in our 
all too human nature. :)

But the level of healthy dialogue in cryonics, across multiple platforms, has 
increased and improved in tone.  People who have had personality, values and 
scientific "hate-fests" in the past are more mature, reasoned, and seasoned.  

We all obviously have far to go to make cryonics a "hard" science with 
replicatable and provable results.  We have far to go in answering multiple 
logistics and "deanimation circumstances" problems.  And garnering 
credibility, publicity, and becoming more of an accepted "mainstream" choice.

But the sense that we may be able to work together is beginning to filter 
through our small community.  

Adding Charles Platt to a position "inside the tent" at ALCOR is a continued 
step in this direction.  

Just my opinion.  On this one, I could be wrong.  But I respect Charles even 
when I don't agree with him, and he is a proven talent.

Best to all,



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