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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 17:31:08 EDT
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Subject: Hello God!

Dormammu wrote:
suppose god did not say "i bring you truth" but came disguised as a scientist 
saying, i will show you a way to seek truth. (and came in a shiny new force 
field with pretty multicolored rays shining in all directions).  would you 
try out his "way" for oh, say, 20 minutes and then give it up as a hoax?  how 
much effort would you put into trying to understand it? fifteen generations?

Suppose God appeared to you in the form of an old man, and gave you an 
ordinary looking business card with his name on it!  I would hope God's phone 
number and email address would be there, and that he would answer his 
messages in a timely fashion.

best wishes,

John : ) >>

d:  yup.  he tries your method a lot.  sometimes it works.  (for those who 
have upgraded their email software)  god doesn't whisper, he shouts.  but we 
have (in order to protect our small and separate identities) developed 
exceedingly effective earmuffs.

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