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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 17:45:52 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #20034 - #20036

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d:  << > suppose god did not say "i bring you truth" but came disguised as a 
> saying, i will show you a way to seek truth. (and came in a shiny new force
> field with pretty multicolored rays shining in all directions).  would you
> try out his "way" for oh, say, 20 minutes and then give it up as a hoax?  
> much effort would you put into trying to understand it? fifteen generations?

james:  I'd figure it was a flashback from my youthful exuberance and go on 
about my
business never giving it another thought! In the absence of causation for
flashbacks I'd figure it as a temporal lobe seizure and again go on about my
business never giving it another thought. >>

d:  all we have to work with is our mind.   when you start tossing out 
unusual parts of it because they are unusual, you degrade the possibility of 

and on the subject of flashbacks:  this discussion thread is, at its base, 
about the preservation of mind, independently of physical transformations.  
so some theorization about whether to or how we can identify and either toss 
or incorporate unusual mental states seems important.  on the other hand, 
even though i have lived in the SF bay area since the late sixties, i have 
never actually met anyone who claims to have experienced flashbacks.  i 
imagine some did, but my guess is that the event is much, much, rarer than 
the popular press proclaimed.

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