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Subject: Oil and other tidbits
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 21:22:34 -0500

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Greetings All,

The subject of oil has been briefly mentioned on Cryonet, 
a book about when demand of oil may exceed the supply
is HUBERT'S PEAK by Kenneth Deffeyes which I found
excellent and I left a review at Amazon. According to this
author we do not have anywhere near 30 years left until 
shortages become acute. It is a fascinating read. 

I agree with others here on Cryonet that the recent religious 
fervor associated with nationalism is disgusting! Most people 
will invoke their favorite deity when faced with hardships, whether
personal or larger in nature, and like others here I believe that 
religion is a major if not the main cause of irrationality here and
abroad. Like Mr. Zarka I also believe that the book by Carl Sagan, 
THE DEMON HAUNTED WORLD, should be widely used in high
schools, as independent thinking is very lacking in this country. 
And to Mr. Platt, you will be a great asset to Alcor, I am confident 
of this as you seem to be capable of much independent thinking,
and I look foreword to meeting you someday.   

Best Regards,

Kevin Spoering


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