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Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:51:50 EDT
Subject: re Message #20073 NASA nanotechno

ah, yes...  although some might think it impossible or unusual for self 
repairing, intelligent machines, from the first time I heard a car say, "your 
door is ajar", I knew it was inevitable. Every day maufacturers add more 
safety, better materials, and frankly silly luxuries to automobiles.  And the 
cars now have coolant reservoirs to refill their own radiators, and ask for 
oil changes and engine and brake service when needed.  Soon, materials and 
technology will allow self servicing on these things as well.  When materials 
technology approaches nanotech repair, watch out.  Its not inconceivable your 
VW bug will convert to an airstream trailer when you reach your campsite.  
Oh, and somewhere in there, as a side note, probably listed under the 
baseball scores and sales at the Mall, all the people in suspension will be 
revived. I do worry about survivor guilt, not on the part of those who are 
revived, but of those who lost loved ones, who might have been saved. 

On another possible topic, I think it was Robert Forward in Future Magic who 
said that all information exists at some quantum level... and that it is 
retrievable by definition and entangled states of information. ie, someday 
with quantum computers and future technology it would be possible to 
literally raise the dead. Any thoughts on this far future claim?

Mike Donahue

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