X-Message-Number: 20083
From: "Simon Carter" <>
Subject: RE: CryoNet Message #20070 (content of Alcor's magazine)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 11:44:43 +1000

Mark Plus wrote:

> ...
> That's why I've been a bit disappointed with Alcor's magazine 
> lately. I'd like to read more articles about the real aspects
> of using cryonics to survive -- how to avoid autopsy, what's
> happening with vitrification research, what Alcor's financial
> needs are, etc. -- and fewer ones about science-fictional
> speculations, what happened at parties, philosophical 
> discussions of the nature of identity, etc. Basically I want 
> to learn about things that are doable or useful now, where
> cryonics service providers with enough money can attain
> something tangible to show for their efforts. The magazine
> seemed much more informative 10-15 years ago than it 
> has recently.

I'd like to second that opinion. Like many Alcor members I'm living some
distance from Scottsdale (living in Australia one cannot get much
further!) and rely on the magazine for news. I've been disappointed at
the declining hard news content - particularly the latest issue which
struck me as little more than an extended advertisement for the upcoming
Life Extension Conference. By all means advertise this conference - but
please not at the expense of information concerning what is happening at
Alcor now & in the near future.

Long life,

Simon Carter


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