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Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 20:27:40 -0500
Subject: Cryonet #20064
From: Joesph A Zarka <>

  The American Atheists are holding their 2003 Convention in Chicago IL
which is only 60 miles from where I live. I plan on asking them if they
would be interested in me speaking at the convention about cryonics.
   As far as atheists being death-accepters, I like to look at it as
accepting the fact that there is no God therefore no afterlife after
death. Atheists love life just like anyone else and do not welcome death
anytime soon. In my opinion atheists would be more open to cryonics and
and radical life extension than religious people. As I said in past
postings, If I held a religious belief and truly believed in life after
death I would see no reason to sign up for cryonics, and may even view
cryonics as blasphemy. I used to hold spiritual beliefs and I can
honestly say that if I would have heard about Alcor than I would not have
been interested and would not have investigated Alcor any further. When I
started accepting the reasoning of Atheism I was bothered by the sad
reality that when I died that was it. I just happened to be watching a
TLC program in which Alcor was featured. I copied the web address from
the dewars I saw on the TV and went to Alcors' website right after the
program. As far as atheists not being much interested in cryonics, with
only around 1000 people signed up world wide it does not sound like many
people from any group is interested. However judging from the people who
post on the cryonet, it seems that most people interested in cryonics and
radical life extention are atheists or agnostics.
   It seems to me the lack of interest in cryonics is a result of the
information not being out there. Alcor has had several requests for
information since the Ted Williams saga. It will be interesting to see
how many more members Alcor gets this year as opposed to past years.
Anyway my point is not to prejudge any group because you never know.

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