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From: "david luo" <>
Subject: HELP: on the microwave effect during cryopreservation
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 17:04:53 -0400

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  I am a graduate student, now I'm working on a project about the microwave 
  enhancement of vitrification during cryopreservation. Actually the references 
  in this area are few, so I need some help. 

  I read one paper in which author claimed that microwave at 2.45 GHz are 
  specifically absorbed to break the pentamer microclusters of water molecules 
  into monomers, so the nucleation centres of ice-crystal formation will be 
  reduced. This theory means pentamer structure of water molecule clusters is 
  the nucleation centers and the 

the breaking down of this structure will make it possible to vitrify water. But 
I can hardly find some other papers supporting this theory, can any one give me 
some advices? Thanks a lot.


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