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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 21:17:00 -0700
Subject: Next Alcor Northern California meeting Oct 13; video
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From:  (Tim Freeman)

From:  (Tim Freeman)

>There are a few conflicts, so we'll be having the next Alcor Northern
>California meeting on October 12, not September 8.

Drat, I got the day of the week wrong.  It will be Sunday, October 13,
at 4pm.  That's the customary second Sunday of the month.

I have nearly everything needed to record short video statements from
people saying that they want to be suspended and get it transcribed to
CD-ROM for their suspension organization's records.  If your
suspension organization isn't Alcor, you can still participate.  This
sort of statement ought to eliminate doubts about the validity of
signatures on documents.  The only other needed piece of equipment is
a tripod; does anyone in the area have one to loan?  Come to the
meeting if you are in the area and want one of these recordings.

Thanks to  for the offer (which I accepted) in
cryomsg 19444 to do the video-to-cd conversion part of this.
Tim Freeman       

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