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Subject: No time to exercise? Try this.

No Time to Exercise? Do This Instead

By Cathryn Conroy,
Netscape News Editor

Now that the health watchdogs--officially known as the Institute of
Medicine--have determined we should all be exercising an hour a day, up
from the previous 30 minutes, there are plenty of folks who will just
give up even trying.  Who has an hour a day?  Good news! Researchers in
Ireland, who were laboring under the idea that 30 minutes of daily
exercise is sufficient, have determined that three 10-minute exercise
sessions spread out over the day yields the same health and
psychological benefits as doing it all at once time.

How much fat is too much?  How long should I exercise?  The health
watchdogs have the answers.


Led by Dr.  Marie Murphy of the University of Ulster in Jordanstown,
Northern Ireland, the team wanted to see if a series of "brisk"
10-minute activity periods could collectively have the same beneficial
results as a 30-minute workout, reports Reuters.  So they rounded up 21
sedentary men and women in their mid-40s and divided them into two
groups.  One group walked briskly for 10 minutes three times a day,
while the other took a brisk walk for 30 minutes once a day. They did
this five days a week for six weeks and then rested for two weeks.  Then
two groups switched walking routines and followed the other group's
instructions for six weeks.  The results Both groups experienced a
slight drop in total cholesterol and a boost in "good" cholesterol and
aerobic ability, as well as similar decreases in tension and anxiety.
Walking is good for body and brain, and you don't need to quit your job
to find time to do it.  The findings were reported in the September
issue of the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Find out why walking really is the best exercise you can do.
[end quote]

Some of this looks familiar, not sure if I posted it  or part of it
before, oh well... can't hurt to get more exercise, eh? ;)

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