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Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 17:45:44 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: The risk of being only slightly over weight

Uh Oh.  Those Few Extra Pounds Mean...

By Cathryn Conroy,
Netscape News Editor

 ...you have a higher risk of dying from cancer in later life than your
slimmer friends.  For young adults every additional 11 pounds of weight
increases their chances of dying of cancer, according to new research by
scientists at the University of Bristol in western England.  In other
words, if you're overweight in college, it could mean you'll die of
cancer in your later years.  Suddenly the "freshman 15" seems downright
frightening. To reach this conclusion, the researchers, led by Dr. Mona
Okasha, compared the adolescent body mass index (BMI) of 10,500 students
at Scotland's University of Glasgow from 1948 to 1968 and then tracked
their deaths from cancer later in life.  BMI is a way of measuring
obesity using weight and height.  A BMI higher than 25 means you're
overweight, while a BMI higher than 30 indicates obesity.

Find out whether those few extra pounds on your waistline spell trouble
for your health.
Calculate your BMI--in seconds!

Reuters reports that during the follow-up period of 41 years, 200 men
and 61 women died from various types of cancer that were not related to
smoking. Even when other contributing risk factors were removed, weight
still had a significant impact.  "BMI in young adulthood is related to
cancer mortality in later life," Okasha told Reuters, adding that it was
particularly evident for breast cancer and prostate cancer deaths.
The most overweight women were nearly four times more likely to die from
breast cancer, while the most overweight men had a 50 percent increased
risk of dying from prostate cancer.

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everything from household chores to hard core sports.

[end quote]

One more reason for caloric restriction?

On a personal note I of course have difficulty controlling my weight and
blood sugars as well due to inability to exercise. I mostly eat only two
meals a day, a habit formed from living conditions--my grandmother used
to do the cooking and simply could not keep my meal sizes down to
reasonable portions so the only way was to refuse one out of three
squares a day. Despite eating moderately I have had so much trouble
keeping my diabetes related high blood glucose under control that now I
am forming the beginnings of a cataract in my only good eye.

Fortunately I finally got my doctor talked into letting me have an oral
agent in conjunction with my insulin. My BG almost overnight went from
200+ to subnormal, in fact going way too low as much as 7 times since
beginning to take "Actos" two weeks ago. I have had to cut the insulin
down from 60 units each humulin-N and humulog twice per day to 35 units
each twice per day. So long as the agent keeps working I now have my
BG's in control! Too bad it came so late for my eyesight. Actos works by
making me sensitive to insulin, something I apparently wasn't nearly at
all before.

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