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Subject: Re: Woody Allen, Liz Taylor & Michael Jackson signed up for cryonics?
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 16:17:52 +0100

> From: "Kansas City Homes - " <>
> Subject: Woody Allen, Liz Taylor & Michael Jackson signed up for cryonics?
> I've done search on the Net for Michael Jackson, Woody Allen and Liz
Taylor however,
> there is nowhere a concrete piece of evidence about this. Does anyone have
> reference?

This story is probably an elaboration originating from these facts:

1. Woody Allen made one of the first films about cryonics, the comedy
"Sleeper" and he also has the same sort of attitude to death as many
cryonicists, eg

"Most people are content to live on in their works. I would prefer to live
on in my apartment."

2. Michael Jackson once visited the Alcor facility in Riverside, California,
alongside Elisabeth Taylor and Muhammad Ali.

In the Cryonics Europe reproduction of The Star's report, I added a footnote

The article filled nearly half a page and included pictures of Michael
Jackson and Woody Allen and a scene from the Mel Gibson film Forever Young.
I have no knowledge of either of the celebrities mentioned being signed up.
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