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Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 09:30:52 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: More misconceptions pushed by the press


"A science magazine is offering one reader the chance to have their body
frozen after death in the hope that medical science will one day revive

We welcome the extra coverage the BBC is lending but please please get
the facts straight!

"Leading researchers have pooh-poohed the concept of "cryonics", in
which the whole body, or even just the head of a dead person, is plunged
into liquid nitrogen and put in a storage tank."

No wonder so called experts pooh pooh cryonics if this is how they view
the process, PLUNGED indeed!

"However, this has not prevented a steady stream of rich volunteers
prepared to pay thousands of dollars to book their place in the

Again the 'those antics of the extravagant loonie rich folk' meme, not
to menton the "body in a freezer" image. Someone needs to set the BBC
straight that one need not be rich to be involved in cryonics. This is
journalist herecy. It's slanting propaganda belying the attitude of the
author rather than cold hard fact reporting. Less than malignant more
than merely benign, shameful regardless.

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