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Subject: New York Transhumanist Association
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 14:52:00 -0400

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Justin Zimmerman and Mike Treder are pleased to announce the formation of a New 
York City metropolitan area chapter of the World Transhumanist Association 
(www.transhumanism.org). The new chapter, tentatively named the New York 
Transhumanist Association (NYTA), welcomes members from greater New York City.

An initial planning meeting will be held on Monday, September 30, from 6:00-7:00
PM at Speedy's Deli, located on the southwest corner of Broadway and 32nd 
Street in Manhattan. If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact 
Mike or Justin. If you cannot make the first meeting, the next meeting is 
planned for Thursday, October 24.  

Please notify anyone you know of who lives in the New York City area and who 
might be interested. We appreciate your support.    


Justin Zimmerman ()
Mike Treder ()  


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