X-Message-Number: 2015
Subject: CRYONICS - Bridge out of town
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 02:12:29 PST

March 23, 1993
To Cryonet
>From Steve Bridge, President
Alcor Life Extension Foundation

     I will be away from Riverside (and e-mail) until March 31.  I've 
posted several things on Cryonet in the last couple of days but won't be 
able to read the answers or respond until next week.  I hope other 
knowledgable people will do so for me until I have the chance to get 
back on.

     The thought of reading a week of e-mail at once is daunting, 


     Also I have responded to Tim Freeman's Message: (#2008 - Integrity
     and the Endowment Fund  (Mon, 22 Mar 93 16:29:38 EST)  in the POLITICS 
(0014.) section, because it seemed more appropriate.

Steve Bridge

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