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From: "b.waugh" <>
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Subject: Toronto local response group meeting summary
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 23:12:15 -0400

The Toronto local response group had a very productive meeting on Saturday.
All 9 members attended, plus 2 friends.  My question whether there was value
in such a group ("Why not just leave everything to CI or Alcor?") was
dramatically answered in a brainstorming session that identified 14 roles
for the group.  It is obvious that preparation can be crucial.

The group is diverse, knowledgeable and talented.  Each member volunteered
for assignments to be completed before the next meeting (December 14).  In
addition, there will be an informal meeting and supper next month.

Anyone who would like learn more or assist the group should contact me-

Bruce Waugh

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