X-Message-Number: 2016
Date: 24 Mar 93 01:33:19 EST
From: Clarissa Wells <>


Thanks to Steve Bridge for answering my questions at such length. In fact
I feel a bit guilty that he took so much time. The Business Meeting Report
in the March issue of Cryonics magazine just said that the Patient Care
Trust Fund "will not receive the usual safety factor." This was what
prompted me to write my last message. If I had known that 3/4 of the
patient's $10,000 DID go into the trust fund, I probably would not have
asked all those questions, because this sounds much more reassuring.

Mr. Bridge is welcome to use any part of my previous message in Cryonics
magazine, together with his comprehensive answers, if he thinks other
people will be interested.

One other question does come to mind, which is whether it makes sense to
freeze a person's brain without glycerol under ANY circumstances. But
obviously this is a technical issue which is open to debate.


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