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Subject: news story on Ted Williams legal case 

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The effort to remove Red Sox legend Ted Williams's
body from cryonic freezing could collapse within days
because the Williams family members behind it are
struggling to pay their legal bills from the case,
according to their lawyers. 

Williams's eldest daughter, Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell,
has spent about $50,000, they said - mostly from her
retirement savings - 

The case could cost at least $60,000 more, estimate
her lawyers. Yet, despite the national publicity about
Ferrell's campaign, her fund-raising efforts have only
netted $2,500 to date, they said.

''We are literally reevaluating things regularly every
day,'' said her lawyer, John Heer, adding that Ferrell
may abandon her legal effort before the case
officially gets underway at a court hearing scheduled
for next week in Florida.

Citrus County Judge Patricia Thomas on Oct. 3 is to
consider a motion by John-Henry Williams, ... who
seeks to have Ferrell's challenge dismissed for a
variety of technical legal reasons. 

The Ferrells and their lawyers yesterday were in
intensive discussions over whether they should
proceed, given the lack of funds, with next week's
scheduled court hearing, said family lawyers.

John-Henry Williams's lawyer, Robert Goldman, asked if
his client had any problems with paying legal bills,
said simply, ''No.''

Goldman said he will argue two major points in court
next week: that Judge Thomas lacks legal jurisdiction
over the case because Williams's body rests outside
Florida; and that Ferrell does not have legal standing
to make any requests regarding her father's body
because she was written out of his will. 


Ferrell's lawyers said they plan to introduce evidence
casting doubt on the pact's authenticity, including
testimony from Florida nurses who say John-Henry could
not have signed the pact alongside his father on Nov.
2, 2000. That day, the nurses told Ferrell's lawyers,
a chicken pox-infected John- Henry was barred from his
father's intensive care suite to protect other
patients from infection.

Bobby-Jo Ferrell recently established a fund-raising
Web site, called ''Ted Williams' Last Wish,'' that has
raised only $2,500 over the past month, mostly in
donations ranging from $10 to $25. Appeals to wealthy
and prominent friends of the Red Sox star have also
netted little, said Heer.

[Anyone have the URL for her website?]

''Their whole ploy was to break me down. Without fan
support that will probably happen,'' said Ferrell.
''John-Henry has unlimited resources. He could tie me
up in court for many years. He has the golden pot.''

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