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From:  (Rick Potvin)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 20:59:55 -0700 (MST)
Subject: The Classical FutureHumanist

Cryonicists are the ultimate futurists because they want to BE there. To
understand the future requires more than foresight-- it requires
hindsight too! In other words, you'd better understand the lessons of
history. And one of the lessons of history is that flexible exchange
rates don't work. 

Mark Plus has just indicated that Arthur C. Clarke is disappointed in
progress at this point and shares that sentiment with him.  I do too.
We're in trouble as a civilization. One element of the trouble is the
stupid notion of treating currency values as flexible with respect to
one another, purely dependent upon international money speculators'

I challange any Extropian, transhuman, cryonicist, Venturist,
cryonicist, life extensionist, Yuiast, so-called economist or futurist
to a debate on currency exchange rates and how they influence progress--
but not here on Cryonet. Click on to my presentation forum at
http://network54.com/hide/forum/95192, and then the discussion forum
linked at the top. 

Progress: Could it really be as simple as fixed exchange rates? Think
about and let me know. You too Doug Platt.

---Rick Potvin, Alcor Member #1348  

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