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Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 20:39:55 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: How would she feel when...?

Ms. Ferrel or to whom it concerns at TedWilliamslastwish.org,

Ms. Ferrel should study everything about cryonics very carefully before
conjecturing any absolutes. Every time in history that some know-it-all
scientist said something great would never and could never happen it
usually did leaving them with heaps of egg on their face. When cryonics
finally DOES bring someone back and it [eventually] WILL, if she has
been successful at cremating her Dad, she then will have committed an
atrocity tantamount to patricide. How would she feel then? Is she so
certain cryonics won't work--so naive of science and the trends in
scientific advancement as to be that certain.... 100 percent certain? Or
does she simply hate her father so much she'd do this anyway just to
spite him? How might history look back upon her legacy? I personally
couldn't be 100 percent sure about anything, even cryonics. I sure
wouldn't take such a chance to possibly harm my beloved father
regardless how he got the privilege to be suspended.

Pride goeth before a fall. Could this be what is really going on here?
She opened mouth-inserted foot then couldn't back down out of mere
pride? Would she let pride and ignorance present even the slightest of a
chance of harming her father? That's being really prideful. She should
seriously reconsider.

One day, when I get to talk to Ted, I'll tell him not to feel badly
toward her--she just didn't any know better. However, she has the
opportunity to become informed. I would be happy to explain in plain
terms why cryonics will work if she is willing.

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