X-Message-Number: 20191
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 10:26:18 -0500
From: Trent <>
Subject: Ted Williams - Shouldn't we do something?


I am watching all the negative publicity from this, and it is quite obvious 
that this is a dysfunctional family that is grasping at straws to sue each 
other. It wouldn't matter how he had been buried. This sick woman is trying 
to whip up anti-Cryonics bigotry in the same way that a nazi would to 
"prove" their point about racial inferiority to obtain political power.

Why don't we (hint: we means ALL of us - Alcor, CI, etc.) have a web site 
set up with a rebuttal, just for this purpose? Between us someone should be 
able to set up a nice site.

I'll even spring for the $30 to register and host the domain.

We need to portray this woman (AND her brother?) for what they are - both 
greedy, ungrateful spoiled children who will do, or say, anything for a 
dollar. The sister, however, elevated this sick dysfunctional family 
dispute into a  bigoted campaign, complete with shadowy conspiracies of 
mysterious Cryonics people, clones, etc. - filled with lies, hate and 
bigotry. She has gone beyond attacking her brother, beyond money grubbing, 
to insulting and defaming an entire class of people based on their belief 

A clear, scientific (but well designed and gone over by someone PR minded - 
remember this is the age of the sound bite, and people have short attention 
spans) rebuttal to her outrageous claims about cloning, etc., would help us 
and almost surely be noted in news articles.

Neither ones deserves a cent - perhaps they would agree to a compromise: 
Donate all the money (name rights, etc.) to their beloved cancer research. 
Hell, at this point, I'd be happy if the lawyers got all the money.

I bet at this point even Mr. Williams would have some second thoughts about 
Cryonics - who would want to be revived for another lifetime of family 
squabbling like this?


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