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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 93 22:25 PST
From:  (Keith Lofstrom)
Subject: CRYONICS: foam insulation - fireproofing?

Lets assume that at some point in the future, we have a REALLY
CARELESS caretaker, who lets a fire start near the patient care
room (using a candle to look for leaks?).  There will be all that
flammable hydrocarbon-based foam, and all that liquid oxygen that
distilled out of the boiled off liquid nitrogen that hasn't been
changed in years.  Kaboom?  Or patient flambe?  I hope the designer
of the room thinks about fireproofing, such that if any given chunk
of foam catches fire, it doesn't spread to the rest of the chunks.

Bathing a still-frozen patient to remove deposited smoke could be
really interesting.

Of course, this may also be a problem with LOX and stainless steel dewars,
as well, but the required ignition energy is probably far higher.

By the way, how fast does LOX collect in the dewars now, and how is it
removed now?  If the LN2 we get is 1% LOX (as a wild guess), then we
could be collecting 40 liters of LOX per Bigfoot per year.  Since O2
is heavier than N2, a significant amount probably settles down from
the atmosphere as well, every time the dewar is opened to show some
gawking tourist.  Could lead to a big surprise in 20 years ... :-(


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