X-Message-Number: 2040
Date: 29 Mar 93 23:31:39 EST
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: CRYONICS Boston Globe


The interesting thing about publicity is that it begets more publicity.
The OMNI contest led (through some linkage I cannot currently fathom)
to the Boston Globe deciding to run an item on cryonics. The staff writer
who did the piece was openly skeptical, verging on hostile, when she
interviewed me. (At one point she described neuropreservation as "totally
looney-tunes.") Still, she did a reasonably balanced piece when all was
said and done. And as a result, an AM radio station picked it up and did
ITS version (a half-hour interview, this afternoon, in which the Alcor
800 number was mentioned twice and the address for the Omni contest was
read on the air by the show host). 

In my limited experience, radio/TV people seem more non-judgmental than
print journalists, though that may be just because they are interviewing
someone publicly and don't necessarily want to trash that person.

--Charles Platt

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