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Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 14:28:31 EST
Subject: Re: CryoNet #20403 - #20407

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"Re John de Rivaz suggestion :Imagine a web page where you have the option to 
link to two other pages:

click here to send your credit card number to pay $100s for professional
videos plus $10s for packing and postage plus sales tax or import duties?

click here to download a narrow band amateur video for free (or click here
to get an amateur made video CD mailed for expenses only)

and there are counters on both pages. Which do you think will get more

For those truly interested in cryonics it would appear that the the value of 
something as little as a professional taping of a very important conference 
would be invaluable in "professionally" promoting the cause versus the hack 
unprofessional look of a video done by "uncle Fred" at the annual family 

If we want to be considered creditable and look like we are involved in 
something of real merit and value, a reasonable cost surely would not be out 
of the question for those truely who have legitimate interest in cryonics. 
The curious, on the cheap, would only lambast the unprofessional look of the 
venue that John de Rivaz suggest we use in getting good exposure. This has 
never been a numbers game but rather something of special interest to those 
creative "thinkers'" out there who are mostly silent among us.

Ask in advance for those interested in paying for a quality taped 
presentation. HERE IS ONE!

Mike Peek


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