X-Message-Number: 20425
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 06:18:11 -0500
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: CryoNet #20419 - #20423

On taping the Alcor Conferences (again):

I could not help but notice the contribution by Jeff Davis, who 
basically gives the same argument as I do but in stronger

A conference of the kind and with the prices of the current
Alcor Conference will look quite shonky if tapes and even
books aren't provided. 

I will go through some recent conferences as illustration and
because some people involved with the Alcor Conference may 
simply set what I have to say on this issue as the mouthings
of a madman:

     I own this one because I wrote a version of MPI for 
     transputers and used some of the papers (remember that
      I'm into parallel computing. And I could not afford to go to 
     the actual conference, of course).

2. WWW2003: 12th International World Wide Web Conference
     for 2003. Papers to be submitted for presentation and

3. 11th International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed 
   Real Time Systems, 2003. Papers again to be submitted for

4. VIS 2002: IEEE Visualization Conference. Oct-Nov 2002
   offers full color conference proceedings

5. PerCom 2003: IEEE International Conference on Pervasive
   Computing and Communications, March 20
   papers again.

6. The IEEE Catalog for 2002 offers Conference Proceedings for
    virtually all subjects they cover, and RECENT ones, too.

This is all only a selection from some computing journals I
have at hand. If you really disbelieve me, I will go into the
ANU library and get ads for Conferences on subjects other than
computer science.

        Best wishes and long long life to all,

           Thomas Donaldson

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