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From: "Kitty Antonik Wakfer" <>
Subject: Shares in 21st Century Medicine for Sale
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 15:16:56 -0500

The following, which has also been posted to sci.life-extension and
sci.cryonics, is being posted here for my husband, Paul Wakfer.

**Kitty Antonik Wakfer
Associate of Tom Matthews (Paul Wakfer)
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To whom it may concern:

As one of the three founders of 21st Century Medicine, Inc. which later
split off a new corporation called Critical Care Research, Inc., I am
the owner of 32,038 shares of stock in each corporation.

21CM has a website at: http://www.21cm.com
CCRI appears to have no website.
Both companies are making presentations at the
Alcor Conference on Extreme Life Extension
which takes place on Nov 16 and 17 (next weekend).

This message is to inform interested parties that all of my shares are
now for sale in blocks of 500 or more. Except as stated below, it will
be up to the buyer to make the necessary arrangements to register
his/her purchase with the secretary of the corresponding company and to
receive issuance of a share certificate.

A copy of this message is also being sent to the secretary of each
company to inform them of my desire, my intent and my action. If either
of these companies should balk at this sale of shares and the issuance
of individual certificates (because of its potential increase in the
number of shareholders and government regulations pertaining thereto), I
plan to setup a holding company (and induce one of the share purchasers
to be its CEO) which can itself then be the holder of all the shares. In
any case these legalities and formalities will be all taken care of
before anyone needs to part with any money.

Anyone who has interest in owning shares in these companies is invited
to send me a message making an offer for 500 or more shares in either

-- Paul Wakfer --

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