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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:43:13 EST
Subject: Re: financing cryonics.

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In a message dated 11/12/02 5:00:29 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

> It is my view that cryonics organisations would be wise to make 
> arrangements
> to ensure prepayment as safe or if not more safe than life policies. They
> are more motivated to fight for their clients than life companies.

I agree with John in the above...it is to be hoped and expected that new and 
innovative financing options will be developed that will make cryonics 
funding even more secure.

I am actually involved in this, as I am discussing the cryonics option with 
many executives of finance and life insurance companies.  I will keep you 
informed.  But the development of such specific programs could take years.  

In the meantime, please don't grasp onto any excuse to delay making your 
fully funded cryonics arrangements!



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