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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 23:24:58 -0500

The response below is from my husband, Paul Wakfer (aka Tom Matthews).

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>Message #20438
>Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 21:20:15 -0500
>Subject: RE: Shares in 21st Century Medicine for Sale (Cryonet#20428 &

>This would sound like possibly a great deal, what with the upcoming weekend
>presentations and all.

Whether it is a good deal or not depends entirely on what the shares are
worth to the purchaser and what s/he has to pay to get them.

>Some questions naturally follow, which if the
>poster of the above messages could convey them to the originator of the
>above posts it would be most appreciated.

>1) Why are you selling them?  For months now, folks in this forum are kind
of like family.  I'm sure most would like to know if you are intending to
spread the wealth around, or the poverty?

I have been sitting on them for years waiting for a new share offering to be
made by the companies involved so that I could sell them at that price (one
had been promised in the past). A week ago, I finally capitulated to a
completely unjust (but legal) US$6500 judgment against me and began looking
into reclaiming some of the assets (including long outstanding debts by
others) which I had but which were going nowhere. These shares are one of
those assets. Basically, I am cleaning up and reorganizing my financial life
to make things as simple as possible and to be able to concentrate on those
things which are most important to me at this time.

>  For months now, folks in this forum are kind of like family.

If you mean that there has been little squabbling, perhaps that is simply
because all those with ideas which don't fit the general mold have left, or
being silent. This is certainly the case for me, and for Kitty.

>  I'm sure most would like to know if you are intending to spread the
wealth around, or the poverty?

These are R&D companies. No profits are going to accrue until they develop
some highly marketable products. Any investment in them should be considered
venture capital. It may all be lost or it may multiply itself many times

>2) You said shares were recently sold at $5, but only to one entity which
gobbled them up.  What did you pay for yours?

Shares are continuously being sold to the Florida Cryonics Association as
and when it invests money in these companies to allow them to continue their
operations. I am not aware of the share price ever being different that
$5.00 per share in the past.

>3) What do you think your shares are worth now, each?

The more important question is what do *you* think they are worth to *you*.
That is the price you should offer. To not do so is tantamount to trying to
get something for nothing, which is not something that a self respecting
person would want to do.

>4) What would you offer for your shares if you were asked?

*you* are the one who offers, I am the one who accepts or rejects the offer.

>5) Could you please post the latest financial statements of these two
corporations, so that we can  get a better idea of their present capital
position as well as how successful they have been in the  income area?

I am considering setting up a website section to house this information.
However, it is of little real value in assessing the companies. Neither of
them currently produces anything much of value or has any income. All that
they have is continual research expenditures, but that is the nature of R&D
until it is complete.

>6) What is the name, address and phone number of the secretary(ies) of
these two corporations, so that inquiries such as you mentioned can be
properly directed?

I already gave you the URL's for official information on the corporations;
this California Business Portal site contains the name and address of the
"Agent for Service of Process" for both companies - the legal contact. More
information on both companies can be obtained through this same site.  I do
not know who is the secretary of either company at the present time.

>7) Over the years occasional inquiries were posted on whether people could
buy shares in 21CM.  These inquiries were generally ignored.  Were the
primary shareholders thereby doing individual shareholders a favor by
ignoring them, because they knew the actual share value would be eaten up by
capital expense not compensated by income?

That is up to you to decide.
Except at the launch of 21CM in 1993, shares have never been for sale from
either company (as opposed to shares resold by a current stockholder).

>8)  Why the "Tom Matthews" subterfuge when you worked at LEF?  There must
be an interesting story behind that.  Why wouldn't "Paul Wakfer" do?

This has been explained in detail elsewhere on the web (search for it) and
has no relevance to the current sale of shares.

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