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Subject: Re: [Cryonics_Institute] Why this group may help both ways!
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:19:35 -0000

This news story suggests why this group could help in two ways -- those
cryonicists who are generous with their time in helping other cryonicists
members can benefit too!

Of course the study may be fatally flawed. If the group who are supposedly
generous are mainly composed of the sort of person who is highly productive,
a gift of a small amount of time may be at less personal expense than from
someone who is time pressured because he is not really very productive. Thus
the study is actually selecting people who are highly productive and
therefore less time pressured, not people who are generous. People who are
not time pressured are less stressed, therefore likely to live longer.

Generous oldsters live longer
United Press International

Older Americans who are generous with their time and help can reduce their
risk of dying prematurely by 60 percent, a new study released Wednesday

The study, to be published in a future issue of the journal Psychology
Science, found people who reported providing no help to others were more
than twice as likely to die sooner than people who gave of themselves.
Psychologist Stephanie Brown, the study's author, said previous studies have
credited receiving support from another individual with prolonging life. The
new research contradicts that finding, Brown said. It is the giving, not the
receiving, that increases longevity.

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