X-Message-Number: 20450
From: "Reason" <>
Subject: Longevity Meme call for articles
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 14:55:26 -0800

It's that time again: I have emerged from hibernation and I'm revamping,
repairing and moving hosts for the Longevity Meme (www.longevitymeme.org,
don't mind the dust and wood splinters). It's been a year since I actively
called for articles on life extension, advocacy, societies and technologies.
I am issuing another call: if you have written a practical, interesting
article (or more -- I put up book excepts too) on related topics of
interest, feel free to drop me a line if you would like to donate a web
reprint to the Longevity Meme.

As for the rest of us who can't find the time to write: have you seen any
interesting new articles recently? Many eyes make light work, and I'm on the
lookout for authors to contact for web reprints.

Existing Longevity Meme articles and links to articles can be found at

Feel free to forward this e-mail on to anyone who may be interested, or
repost to any forum in which interested people may reside.

Founder, Longevity Meme

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