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Subject: Alcor Conference Update
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:55:04 -0500

In reply to John and Rick,

(Kevin, please forward this to the list.  Thank you.)

Alcor's conference was an excellent example of both substantive talks and
festive community atmosphere.  The quality of this conference was
impressive in regards to the meals (beautifully prepared and served),
conference room was just the right size, the gifts for participants were
well thought out, and the reception to attendees was welcoming.

My favorite talks were Michael West - who invests much of his speaking
capital on issues that are socially inclusive as well as core science/tech
facts that are often exclusive. He included an historical account of myths
and images of a quest for extreme life over the eons.

Rob Freitas also gave a spellbinding talk.  Beautiful exhibition of video
clips showing the possible future of nanomedicine.  These visuals were a
highlight at the conference.

Max More's talk covered a more social understanding of issues that keep us
nestled in a point of stasis that inhibit our ability to adapt to change. 
His key point is that we must be willing to stretch our experiences and get
out of one frame of mind.  He afforded the audience with light mirth and
laughter - as Max has that special sense of intellect and humor.

Ray Kurzweil’s first talk was a multi-media piece and we were able to
experience him talking to his electronically simulated female and voice. 
Very clever.  We learned about kurzweilai.net website and the “Big
Thinkers” located there.  His second talk focused on nutrition and his new

David Kekich's talk reflected ideas that are easily transferable.  He had a
chart of boxes and 2/3rds of them were filled in.  These filled in
experiences represented his life experiences - how many boxes he had
already used up in his life.  Then the empty boxes represented the number
of experiences he had left to fill in his life.  OOps!  Not too many.  So,
he increased the number of unfilled boxes.  I liked this because it was so
direct and made sense.  Let's add more years - more life experiences.

So many of the speakers were pivotal – Aubrey de Gray showed a no-nonsense
approach to his work which was refreshing.

Congratulations Jerry Lemler and Alcor for a successful conference!

Natasha Vita-More


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