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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:06:22 EST
Subject: Telling quote from father of Israel bomber

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Hello, life lovers...

I was so dismayed by this comment off the current news that I thought I must 
copy it and post it where people of reason, goodwill, and a generally secular 
bent can see it.

I think it speaks for itself regarding how Muslim extremism...and most any 
religious extremism (which means simply that you believe the nonsense in 
their holy books) creates attitudes antithetical to human values:

(Quote from current news article...off AOL news:)

Eleven people were killed and at least 48 wounded, eight of them very 
seriously, authorities said. Israel Radio said many of the casualties were 
school students, though hospital officials declined to give a breakdown.

Israeli police identified the bomber as Nael Abu Hilail, 23.

Abu Hilail's father, Azmi, said he was pleased with his son. ``Our religion 
says we are proud of him until the day of resurrection,'' Abu Hilail said. 
``This is a challenge to the Zionist enemies.''

End quote.

Would you be proud of your son expoding noncombatants and children, for any 
political or religious cause?

Do any of you agree with me that this is one supremely "sick, perverse" value 
system?  What a contrast to the scientific humanism exhibited by most 
participants at the ALCOR conference! 

Yet there are about 1.2 BILLION Muslims...there are about 1 THOUSAND 

Sorry to start a new thread not directly related to conference or cryonics. 

And, for the record, I do not have time for major debates on the Middle East 
issue, or the illogic of religion.  

I am too busy trying to get as many people covered with cryonics life insu
rance as I can, to SAVE people of intelligence, education, and vision.  I 
will not spend endless hours debating whether destroying children in the name 
of Allah is a good thing or not. 

But, the perversion of religion to justify cruelty is a value that could 
still kill us all.  And is obviously rampant in our world.

Just my opinion...But I don't think I am wrong about this. 


Rudi Hoffman


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