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Subject: November 21 NYTA Meeting
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 14:30:27 -0500

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On Thursday night, November 21, members of the New York Transhumanist 
Association (NYTA) met in downtown Manhattan. Our evening began with a report 
from Jones Murphy about his attendance at Alcor's "Extreme Life Extension" 
conference and his opportunities to converse with Eric Drexler, Max More, Ray 
Kurzweil, and other presenters. Next, John Klos led a discussion on the future 
of computing, with an emphasis on simulated neural networks. It was a 
fascinating topic and got everyone involved. We finally ran out of time, but 
agreed to resume the discussion at a later date.  

Our next meeting will be on December 5. Future events include a group field trip
to the Albert Einstein exhibit currently showing at New York's Museum of 
Natural History (January, date TBD) and a one-day symposium at New York 
University on the future of humanity, specifically as seen from the 
transhumanist point of view (February or March, date TBD).

NYTA is an affiliated chapter of the World Transhumanist Association, a 
nonprofit membership organization that works to promote discussion of the 
possibilities for radical improvement of human capacities using advanced 
technologies. Transhumanism is a growing movement concerned with ethically 
expanding technological opportunities for people to live longer and healthier 
lives, to enhance their intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities, and to
enjoy a future of expanded freedom and prosperity.  

NYTA welcomes members from metropolitan New York City who are interested in 
learning more about these possibilities and working toward their realization. 
For more information, visit one of the sites below. Feel free to email us with 
any questions. We look forward to your participation in NYTA.

See you in the future!

Mike Treder, Incipient Posthuman

New York Transhumanist Association

World Transhumanist Association


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