X-Message-Number: 20494
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 14:44:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Dan Hitt <>
Subject: Muslims and Cryonics

Hi All,

I think if we want to be successful in our struggle against death, we
should not be exculsive of Muslims.

First, Muslims, like any people, shouldn't have to die at some
arbitrary age like 70.

Second, there are many very intelligent and diligent thinkers among
the Muslims.  (My opinion based on personal experience with Muslim
engineers and students.)  I think the essential pieces of Muslim
culture, like that of the Mormons, Orthodox, Christian
Fundamentalists, and other devout groups, has characteristics which
tend to promote mental development.  (For example, there's a strong
tendency to avoid drunkenness.  Also, if children have to work hard on
their religious study---e.g., to study holy works, perhaps in a
foreign tongue---that may help their minds learn to organize large
amounts of information.  I think there are other reasons along
these lines, as religions presumably confer some advantages on
their adherents.)

Third, Muslims are not automatically anti-cryonics.  A Muslim, who
has had a scientific education and who is a free spirit, may be
intrigued by cryonics (my observation), whether or not a sign-up

Fourth, there are a lot of them, and their situation won't be static.
Perhaps there's a Moslem alive today who will learn to how to stop the
aging process, or help the recovery of our current patients.

Fifth, whatever morals we have or don't have, we'll look better---our
message will be more palatable---if we at least try to be inclusive.


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