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Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 15:41:31 -0500

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The Alcor Cryofeast for 2002 will be at the Creekside Lodge and Cabins in Mayer 
Arizona (about 1 hour north of north Phoenix - see directions below).

The day of the Cryofeast is Sunday, December 15th.

The time of the Cryofeast is 10am  to 6:pm  --------  or longer.

The Cryofeast is being hosted by David & Trudy Pizer & John Grigg.  This is a 
pot luck type affair.  We will supply turkey and other items.  Let us know what 
you plan to bring (Contact David at 602  439-0660 or at ).  
Categories are: salads, breads, deserts, side dishes, chip & dip, snax, 

Alcor President, Dr. Jerry Lemler, will discuss some of the plans for Alcor in 
the near future.  Then, to celebrate those plans, each participant will have a 
chance to plant a tree and watch it grow as Alcor also shall grow tall and 
strong in the coming years.  (We will have the trees and shovels ready, you 
bring the steady hands and will to plant).

For those who want to come up a day or two early and stay with us, we will be 
offering special rates to all cryonicists and to those who are in the sign-up 
process.  Also there will be special rates for anyone who wants to stay over 
Sunday evening and drive  back on Monday morning.

The agenda:

Saturday evening (for those who come early) we will decorate the Great Room and 
start celebrating early.

Sunday is an all day buffet.  Meet old friends and make new one.  Meet Alcor's 
staff and leaders and celebrate all the good things that are happening at Alcor.


The Creekside Lodge is an hour north of north Phoenix.  

Start at the Interstate 17 and the 101 freeway and go north on the I-17 about an
hour's drive to the Cordes Junction exit.  Exit  at Cordes Junction and head 
northwest on State Highway 69  for about 6 miles.  The Creekside Lodge is on the
northside of the highway.  There is a lighted sign that says:  "CREEKSIDE LODGE


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