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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
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Subject: hostile groups
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 12:02:44 -0000

The debate on religions and cryonics can be modified  as follows:

> <a sub-set, even a single individual, from any named group>
> probably would unplug anyone in suspension if they achieved power.
> The other danger they pose to cryonics is their willingness to nuke or use
> weapons of mass destruction which would either destroy storage facilities
> harm those who care for them in the future.

This doesn't mean the whole named group would. The important thing is to
ensure that a tit for tat response is aimed at transgressing individuals,
not the group as a whole. Thus, for example, in the case of a cryonicist
being autopsied, a hate campaign against all coroners and pathologists would
be ineffective (and stupid). It is guaranteed to alienate all coroners and
pathologists. However one (within the law) aimed at specific individuals
involved in a particular case is valid -- it discourages the others from
behaving in a similar manner, and may even win some support amongst other
free thinking members of the same profession.

This idea is hardly original. It is expressed legally and internationally in
war crimes tribunals -- singling out transgressing individuals can serve to
reduce hatred and cries for revenge between groups.

However the principle is often lost at lower levels of bureaucracy. "He is
only doing his job" is still a defence that still appears from time to time.
The best way cryonicists can further their cause is to insist that every
single individual remains responsible for his own actions -- after all, few
people are conscripted into a particular job these days. If you realise that
your job is unethical, then leave it and get another. If it is impossible to
recruit people to perform  <insert unpopular job here> then this <unpopular
activity> will cease.

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