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Hi. This message is to announce a new hardcopy cryonics periodical,


I'm soliciting subscriptions AND contributions right now. Price of one
issue will be $2.50; multiply this by the number of issues you want for
your subscription price.
[ PERIASTRON has the address PO Box 2365, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. ]

But what is PERIASTRON to be ABOUT? PERIASTRON will discuss any scientific
or technical issue relating to cryonics and immortalism. It will not be
a periodical giving news about individual societies or even legal
developments (unless, that is, they pertain to the scientific and technical

I do not intend it to be written for any specially qualified audience. Your
sole qualification should be that you are interested in the issues it

Finally, I, the Editor, am Thomas Donaldson. You may have heard of me 
elsewhere. Just so that you don't lose by sending in a years subscription
(that is, for 6 issues) you should know that your subscription money will
go into an interest-bearing bank account, with the remainder to be 
refunded in case either I or the periodical fail to continue.

Besides, we're not talking LARGE SUMS OF MONEY anyway. And
you can give it a try for one issue, or however many you want.

			Long life to everyone,

				Thomas Donaldson

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