X-Message-Number: 2061
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 00:50:44 CDT
From: Brian Wowk <>
Subject: CRYONICS Flooding Risk II

        I have been further considering the flooding risks associated 
with a below-ground storage room, and some disturbing thoughts 
occurred to me.  The bottom of a light, foam-insulated room would make 
an excellent hydraulic piston.  If even a small crack in the 
foundation allowed ground water to seep between the concrete and foam, 
the foam could be subjected to tons of pressure per square meter.  The 
smallest trickle of water with a head of pressure could push the room 
right out of the ground!
        Protective measures: The outer layer of foam insulaton must be 
bonded to the concrete foundation by a waterproof sealant that adheres 
well to both concrete and foam.  No air spaces must be allowed to 
exist between the foundation and the foam.  Additionally no air spaces 
above 0'C must be allowed to exist between blocks or layers of foam.  
That way, if the foundation AND foam ever cracks, water must run into 
spaces where it will immediately freeze, thereby preventing 
transmission of hydrostatic pressure.
                                                --- Brian Wowk

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