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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 14:00:31 PDT
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>From "The Earth Changes Report" - Issue 17, Feb/ 1993 Prophecies for Jan. 27, 
1993 and beyond...
Special Report Final Warning Signs for California Super-Mega Quakes
8-12 on the Richter Scale - Predicted to Occur No Later than May 9,

In December, ECR predicted that the next 2 months would be highly
volatile for earth changes west of the Rockies - floods & storms have
devastated CA and a 5+ quake hit northern CA in an area that had, up
untilnow, been seismically quiet.

East of the Rockies storms racked the NE & portions of NYC went under
water.  Additionally, significant earth changes have occurred globally
in Dec. and Jan. - a 7.5 quake hit Japan (ECR prediction 12/92), and on
Dec. 12th the first Indian Ocean quake and subsequent tidal wave
occurred (ECR prediction 10/92).  In my opinion, the final warning bell
has been sounded for California.

Previously Published West Coast Warning Signs

. Erratic weather pattern changes and severe storm predictions -  now
. First L.A. Quake Prediction - occurred April 22, 1991.
. Second L.A. Quake Prediction - occurred June 28, 1992.
. First Indian Ocean Quake/Tidal Wave Prediction - occurred December
12, 1992.
. 7.5 quake predicted for Japan - occurred January 15, 1993.[TRUE
. West Coast Migrations predicted to begin - 200,000 left in '92.
. Prediction for partial land mass fracture in CA - 44 mile fracture
  along ECR predicted fracture line on June 28, 1992.
. Prediction for Third L.A. quake - 8+ has not occurred.  However, my
  states that it will happen no later than May 9, 1993 and may occur
  along with the super-mega quakes.

Time is short - within 4 months.  Back in '83 my information was "watch
August 1991 to May 1993".  Later, in April 1991, the date became more
specific - no later than May 9, 1993.

I have sought guidance as to how I can best assist at this late hour.
Here is what I received.

"If an 8.0+ quake occurs in the Indian Ocean region - Sri Lanka should
be watched carefully - then within days major earth changes shall occur
in Japan, Alaska, Italy, Martinique and the western US and Canada.  As
to the day and hour of the 'big one' [CA quake], this should not be
seen as a singular event.  While May of this year will be remembered as
the month when the great plates shifted, events shall occur even before
this - many (earthquakes) exceeding 7 on the Richter scale occurring
roughly along a line drawn from Vancouver B.C.  to Eureka to San Diego.
Think in terms of quakes lasting not seconds, but minutes.

Now, to clarify so there may be preparation and knowing.  The
super-mega quake shall not have a singular epicenter.  Rather, the land
itself displaces its forces from north to south.  The current Richter
scale will not be able to measure its magnitude. Later, it shall be
computed to have been in excess of 10 and a new scale shall be
created.  The following areas of CA shall experience inundations.
Portions of San Diego shall go under water as well as much of the
Imperial Valley.  Tidal waves shall be created traveling south and s/w
along the whole West Coast.  Los Angeles shall be the hardest hit and
initially will be thought to be the location of epicenter, though later
found to be only a portion of same.  Multiple quakes shall occur.  The
aqueducts feeding many cities such as Los Angeles shall fail & much of
CA shall be without power.  Roads that cross other roads shall come
down and become impassable.  Portions of land from San Francisco to
Sacramento shall be displaced by hundreds of feet in some areas.
Numerous bridges shall collapse throughout CA causing many high- ways
to become impassable.  Migrations will be to Arizona, Oregon, Nevada,
Utah and Idaho. Loss of life shall be great.  Property damage and
business loss shall be measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars,
causing the national and global economy to severely decline."

If the final warning signs occur as presented, the areas close to my
predicted fracture zone - 50 miles either side - will be the hardest

Thousands of ECR readers have written to me saying that they know the
big one is coming, but feel they have no choice but to stay because of
jobs, family, home, investments, etc.  As I have repeatedly stated,
each must trust his or her own intuition in this, as well as in all
matters.  I can only give you the signs.  Please pay attention to your
intuition, now, more than ever.  We have been warned on all levels.  If
you have consciously decided to stay during these changes for whatever
reason, maybe you will be able to help others.  I believe only 1 in 3
will choose, or be able to, leave CA during Tribulation.  Healers in
the thousands will be needed, especially at the emotional-mental
	Global Earth Changes Update --------------------------- Hawaii
- At this time I can be more specific in my forecasts.  I see several
tidal waves hitting the Islands before summer.  Waves will exceed 50
feet and may reach 150 ft.  The warning sign here is to watch for a
quake exceeding 8.0 in Japan, or the Indian Ocean region.  If either of
these occur, then shortly thereafter - within days, the CA super-mega
quakes will occur.  Once they begin, tidal waves from CA will travel to
the eastern side of the Islands.  It is possible that just prior to the
CA quakes, the island of Maui will have increased volcanic and seismic
activity. Watch for volcanic activity in Italy and Martinique for they
are connected to the Hawaiian vents.

Australia - ...more of you have been writing, sharing your visions of
tidal waves hitting Australia.  The visions are similar as to timeframe
- spring '93, size of wave - 50+ feet and direction - one from the
north-n/w and one from the north-n/e.  These visions fit my prophecy
windows and description.  The early warning signs to watch for is
activity in Japan or in the Indian Ocean region of Sri Lanka.  If
mega-quakes occur in either of these areas, then within 3-5 hours waves
will hit Australia and move inland for miles.  I would suggest that 3
miles would be the minimum safe distance from the shore. The coming
predicted CA quake will also create additional tidal waves.  These come
from the north- northeast, traveling at over 200 miles per hr and
reaching a height of 100-150 feet.  Advance notice will be only hours.
...store fresh water.  Keep a small battery-type AM/FM radion with
fresh batteries.

Japan - I see every imaginable type of Earth change activity occurring
in Japan this year and beyond.  Major volcanic activity will begin this
yr; earthquakes exceeding 7.5 will hit offshore in the Sea of Japan;
storms from the north, and a major fire in the city of Tokyo.

Europe - I continue to see severe weather for the UK and Scandinavian
countries.  Rain, floods and some type of problem for the new "channel"
tunnel.  Quakes come to this region mid-to-late tribulation
(tribulation = 1991-1997).

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