X-Message-Number: 2073
Date: 07 Apr 93 06:22:23 EDT
From: Bob Smart <>
Subject: CRYONICS Sexy Stainless

In her recent missive, Ms. Wells opines that the allure of high-tech
stainless steel is a powerful motivating factor in selecting technology for
cryonics.  She may be right, but speaking as a suspension member, I can
attest that *I* for one don't care whether I'm stored in a shiny, stainless
steel, vacuum-insulated surrogate phallus, a foam-insulated womb-room, or a
bathtub full of tapioca as long as it WORKS. The advantages that have been
shown (or at least theorized) for the Cold Room system would appear to speak
for themselves, independent of whether there's a place for chrome plating
and racing stripes.

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