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Subject: Re: Neuro Option Information Wanted

Two excellent pro-neurosuspension articles are:

(1) "But What Will the Neighbors Think?!: A Discourse on the History 
     and Rationale of Neurosuspension" by Mike Darwin in Cryonics,
     Vol 9(10), October 1988, pages 40-55.

(2)  "Neuropreservation: Advantages and Disadvantages," Alcor publication 
     NEUROPRE 9-88.

Alcor will probably be more than happy to send you reprints of these articles.
Their address is:
                    Alcor Life Extension Foundation
                    12327 Doherty Street
                    Riverside, CA   92503

[ Please include a couple dollars or so to cover postage, handling, etc. - KQB ]

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