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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 21:52:06 -0800
From: "John Grigg" <>
Subject: Fun and educational gatherings for cryonicists

Ava Phillipson M.D. in the latest issue of Cryonics wrote the article "Where 
There's a Will, There's a Way" in which she says "I would like to offer hands-on
workshops where future cryonauts can learn about the science of cryonics as 
well as the processes we expect to play a crucial role in revival.  Another 
aspect of these classes would be to determine and foster individual strengths 
and talents, reinforce and improve memory, and encourage creativity.  Honing 
observational skills also produces a concomitant heightened awareness of sensory
stimuli.  We may learn to see with an artist's eye, or at least a detective's, 
and thus alter our critical thinking and creative abilities permanently."  

She later stated "I would love to see previously mentioned topics integrated 
with up-to-the-minute presentations involving wellness, preventive medicine, 
nutrition, fitness, and the very active study of life extension.  The classes 
could easily be held at Alcor, at universities, at medical research facilities, 
and at wonderful spas across the country."

Dr. Phillipson is in luck because David Pizer and I plan on having 
mini-conferences on a regular basis here at the Creekside/Ventureville within 
the fairly near future!  One of the first topics may be how to properly create a
trust which will actually survive one's deanimation, suspension and 
reanimation.  David has a trust which he thinks is fairly close to being bullet 
proof, and he would like to have the attorney who helped him draft it be the 
honored speaker.  

You may think you know all the angles of such matters, but I bet you don't.  And
who wants to wake up in a fantastic future and find out their dang relatives or
a corrupt company pillaged their hard earned money?

Other Creekside/Ventureville mini-conferences could be on such subjects as 
nutrition, exercise, tantric sex for the nano-enhanced, extreme life extension 
for fruit flies (by Doug Skrecky!), immortalist philosophy, and even disaster 
preparedness among others.  What people want within reason we would try to 
provide. : )  

Our facilities are very upscale and yet homey.  If you want to find out for 
yourself just talk to a person who has been here already for an Alcor gathering,
or simply check out our website at: www.creeksidepreserve.com  And to learn 
about the ideas which drive us go to: http://www.venturist.org/      

I liked the vision put forth by Dr. Phillipson in Cryonics magazine and I think 
at Creekside Preserve/Ventureville we can help to make it real.  Great things 
are happening here and I hope to see as many of you as possible a part of it.  

If you have a great idea for a mini-conference please tell us and the list.

thank you,

John Grigg
General Manager-in-training
Creekside Preserve Lodge/Ventureville


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