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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 11:20:01 EST
Subject: Re: Cryonics Trusts

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> Dr. Phillipson is in luck because David Pizer and I plan on having 
> mini-conferences on a regular basis here at the Creekside/Ventureville 
> within the fairly near future!  One of the first topics may be how to 
> properly create a trust which will actually survive one's deanimation, 
> suspension and reanimation.  David has a trust which he thinks is fairly 
> close to being bullet proof, and he would like to have the attorney who 
> helped him draft it be the honored speaker.  

Hello, Fellow Cryoneters,

I would be interested in attending such a seminar.  I also have a trust which 
I feel is fairly bulletproof.  Along with the "Lichtenstein Foundation".  
Both funded with a $500, 000 dollar life insurance policy.  

Still fighting the NASD.  Taking my time, energy, and spirit like a sponge.  

They don't negotiate fairly or with good faith.  May I recommend that you 
NEVER attract the attention of government functionaries should you wish to be 
happy and remain convinced that life is fun.  

HAVE 13 CRYONICS POLICIES in process this year already!   

Thanks to all of you for your support.

Your friend for centuries,

Rudi Hoffman


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