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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 13:31:20 EST
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Rudi wrote:

"I would be interested in attending such a seminar.  I also have a trust 
I feel is fairly bulletproof.  Along with the "Lichtenstein Foundation".  
Both funded with a $500, 000 dollar life insurance policy."

Let me know a weekend that you can be here and I will set up a conference.  
We can invite people on this forum and you and I probably have some names of 
people who might want to attend.

An agenda might go like this:

Friday evening = arrival and a social gathering

Saturday morning - breakfast, then meetings til lunch. More presentations in 
the afternoon.  Then dinner and perhaps social event.  Sunday morning 
breakfast, then a last meeting or presentation and everyone leaves around 
noon or early afternoon.

The attorney who drew my trust can be one presentation.
you can be one presentation.
All the attendees in a group discussion can be one presentation.

Or any other suggestions from anyone else in this forum who is interested in 
coming back rich.



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