X-Message-Number: 21032
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 06:11:37 -0800
Subject: Network54 Auto Response: (((((This is only a test)))))
From: Rick Potvin <>

This is an automatic email response to a message you posted at Network54.

In response to your message titled "Test"
At: http://network54.com/Forum/message?messageid=1043872862&forumid=144401

Rick Potvin has replied (with title "(((((This is only a test)))))"):


This is actually an auto responder to a message that I, Rick Potvin, posted at 
my own Network54 forum entitled "Rick's Immortality Workbook" found at <a 

This current message is a response to my original post titled "Test".

Cryonet Forum Emailer is the title of my thread in which this post is being 

ACTUAL MESSAGE for this post to Cryonet: I'm currently testing my new systme for
posting to Cryonet. I'm watching to see how it looks on the Cryonet archive 
lising as well as how it looks in the daily digest and the queue. If you're 
interested in further understanding what I'm trying to do, here, email me at 
, my new email address. 

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