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Ah ratz~n~fratz, did everyone get a look at my article or should I post it again
in two chunks? It's what I get for being a wordy so~n~so!


Now on a solemn note I go to mourn our apparently lost astronauts. I say
apparently because I am still at this early morning hour holding out hope that

someone at NASA was smart enough to let the astronauts stay on the space 

but of course they aren't that smart are they? If there was any indication at 
that there would likely be trouble, and there most certainly was, they should

have either let the shuttle stay in space and sent another up to pick up the 

or send it down on autopilot leaving the astronauts at the space station. Even 
there were not enough oxygen in the space station for them all they could have
certainly adapted something from the shuttle. Where is the ingenuity of Apollo
13? In fact the shuttle need not have even come home at all even on autopilot

because it could have been left there and repaired in space with another 
Didn't they do a huge space walk repair of the Hubble? Am I missing something?
Doesn't NASA think with common sense?

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