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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 17:45:01 EST
Subject: comments on philosophy

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A comment on philosophy - which I am a student.  It seems that several major 
philosophers have tried to make philosophy a branch of mathematics.  Others 
have tried to incorporate mathematics into philosophy.  In my on humble 
opinion, I think relying too much on mathematics is where most philosophers 
(even those of us on this forum) go wrong ( I do think it has some  limited 
uses).  There are just some ideas in philosophy that cannot be put into (or 
be solved by) mathematical formulas.  

Having said the above disclaimer, I would like to take a shot at disputing 
the following statement, that I recently saw on  Cryonet:  "No amount of 
mathematics can make an x be a y."

       x = 5
       y = 5
therefore,  x = y

Would this count?



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