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Subject: Electrons - again!
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 07:57:21 -0000

I'm surprised that Thomas Donaldson (like Ettinger) can say:

> but it's simply false that a quantum
> theory which sees electrons as constructed of smaller parts 
> will leave our ideas about their identity untouched. The 
> movement of the subentities which make up an electron may 
> cause effects that we can devise instruments able to detect. 

since I gave the counter example protons which, although 
composite, are identical.  As I've previously pointed out in this 
discussion with Ettinger, the posited hidden attributes of electrons 
will not cause a future refinement of electrons into subspecies.  
We know this because the occupancy number of electron orbitals 
is an absolute measure of the electron species number, not a 
reflection of our knowledge of electron attributes.

As with electrons, so with elephants.

In other words - and please pay attention everybody who 
claims I'm "patently absurd " (Etttinger), "simply false" (Donaldson) 
or "logically impossible" (Swayze) - my argument is not based on 
our ability to devise detection equipment.

(Note: I'm not saying the electrons may not have some composite

Michael C Price

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